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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COURSES SRIYAAN INFOTECH is providing social media marketing courses to students with live projects and hands on experience in Digital Marketing You Tube Marketing Twitter Marketing Facebook Marketing Instagram Marketing Pintrest Digital Marketing classes in weekend You Tube Marketing classes in weekend Twitter Marketing classes in weekend Facebook Marketing classes in weekend Instagram Marketing classes in weekend Digital Marketing courses in weekend You Tube Marketing courses in weekend Twitter Marketing courses in weekend Facebook Marketing courses in weekend Instagram Marketing courses in weekend
Facebook Marketing Course We are providing Facebook Marketing courses to the students and professionals who is seeking a job in Digital Marketing as well as the people who is looking to present his/her business online and wants to attract customer using social media tools can also go to this courses. Digital Marketing course Digital Marketing classes Digital Marketing training Digital Marketing training institute Facebook Marketing course Facebook Marketing classes Facebook Marketing training Facebook Marketing training institute Twitter Marketing course Twitter Marketing classes Twitter Marketing training Twitter Marketing training institute
Digital Marketing Training Institute in Thane Sriyaan Infotech provides a Digital Marketing Training to the students and professionals who wants to build a career in a Digital Marketing Fields. Facebook Marketing courses Facebook Marketing training institute Twitter Marketing courses Twitter Marketing training institute you-tube Marketing courses you-tube Marketing training institute Instagram Marketing courses Instagram Marketing training institute Google ad wards training institute Google ad wards courses
Live project training in Digital Marketing. We are Sriyaan Infotech providing social media and digital marketing courses with hands of live project experience to the students and placed them in the reputed IT industries. Digital Marketing classes Digital Marketing course Social media marketing course social media marketing classes you tube marketing course face-book marketing course
Do you want to build your careers in Digital Marketing? Join SRIYAAN INFOTECH digital marketing courses on below mention fields and get your dream job. Digital marketing course Facebook marketing course Youtube Marketing course Twitter marketing course SEO course SEM/SMM course Affiliate Marketing course
Thane based Digital Marketing Institute we are providing Digital marketing Course, Android Application Development, website Development with Live Project Training. Digital Marketing Institute Digital Marketing course Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Website development training Live Project Traning Website development course Android Application Course Android Application Training Android Application Live project Training
Sriyaan Infotech provides Digital Marketing training, Digital Marketing courses, Digital Marketing Live project training which includes social Media Marketing and SEO (Search engine optimization)
Android Course with project development. We are team of young developer who is working with sriyaan technologies in the field Digital marketing, Android app Development, Web site development using PHP Mysql, .NET MVC. We are also provide a training to the students of Sriyaan Infotech to learn and work with us on live project and gain a knowledge like a IT professional and get place in IT companies. Android Live project training PHP live project training Digital Marketing Live project training .NET MVC Live project training Social Media Marketing course
Blockchain Technology Training Sriyaan Infotech provides professional training on Blockchain Technology which helps the professional to get a knowledge of new cutting edge technology and secure job in new emerging technologies. Blockchain Course Content Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies • What is Blockchain? • Studying the Origin of Blockchain • Objectives of Blockchain • Understanding Cryptocurrencies • Cryptocurrency Ecosystem • Regulation and Cryptocurrencies • Primitives and Protocols • Blockchain Users and Adoption • Advantages of using Blockchain • Challenges in Blockchain • Developments in Blockchain • Future of Blockchain Blockchain Data Structures and Bitcoin • Understanding Blockchain Data Structures • Defining Bitcoin • Blockchain TOC Bitcoin • Studying Keys as Identity • Ways of Storing Bitcoin Keys • Setting up your own Blockchain • Building a Blockchain Solution • Trade with Bitcoins • Global Blockchain Ecosystem • Understanding Digital Signatures • Hashes and Hashes as Addresses • Hash Pointers and Data Structures • Studying Blockchain Transactions • Blockchain Block Structures Blockchain Mining • Understanding Mining • Concept of Miners • Operation of Miners • Business Model of Miners • Defining the Bitcoin Network • Understanding the Bitcoin Mining Process • Mining Developments Mechanics of Bitcoin • Buying and Selling Bitcoin • Understanding Bitcoin Source • Bitcoin Wallets • Mobile Wallets • Transcriptions • Scripts and Blocks • Peer-to-peer Network • Security Measures Blockchain Objectives and Extensions • What are Blockchain Objectives? • Why Extend Blockchain? • Defining Altcoins • Defining Colored Coins • Side Contracts Bitcoin Blockchain Adoption • Bitcoin Adoption • Adoption Metrics • Studying Blockchain Demographics • Blockchain Geographic Distribution • Understanding Blockchain TOC Future Trends in Blockchain • Studying the Future Trends in Blockchain • Transactions Limitations • Understanding Additional Blockchains • What is Hyperledger? • Dynamic Shared Ledger • Studying Ripple • Defining R3 • Core Layers of a Blockchain • Data Layer • Network Layer • Consensus Layer • Blockchain and Cloud Computing • Cloud-Based Blockchains Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Blockchain: Innovation Theory • Blockchain Value Chains • Blockchain Investments • Blockchain FinTech Innovation • Letters of Credit • Blockchain Technology and Startups • Data Provenance in Blockchain Blockchain Public Policy • Understanding Blockchain Public Policy • Studying Bitcoin Blockchain Background • Blockchain and Mainstream • Blockchain Community • Blockchain and Central Banks • Blockchain and Law Enforcements • Blockchain and Government Regulations • Blockchain and Response to Public Policy